Jinan Liangong-The First Testing Machine Enterprise , Who Was Approved As "Academician Expert Workstation"

June 24th, "National Million Experts to Serve the Grassroots Action Plan - Go to Jinan" event launching ceremony was held in Jinan Shungeng Villa. Recommended by the Huaiyin District, Jinan Liangong Testing Technology Co., Ltd. was approved as "Academician Expert Grass-roots Service Workstations" , become the only testing machine workstation in Shandong Province. Jinan Liangong testing Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Liu Lin attend the launching ceremony on behalf of the company.

After finishing the ceremony, Professor of China University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, doctoral tutor Professor Zhan Qiang, as the national experts contact person to Jinan Liangong testing Technology Co., Ltd., with accompanied by the leadership of Jinan City Talent Service Bureau and Huaiyin District People's Bureau,Professor Zhan Qiang went to Jinan Liangong Testing Technology Co., Ltd. for field project exchange. Professor Zhan Qiang has much more knowledge and experience in the composite material tensile, four-way tensile test and other more aspects. He provided us professional advice and suggestions in the field of our testing machine project research and development. Professor Zhan Qiang highly appraised the research and development rigorous style and attitude of Liangong testing machine, as well as the high value of R & D projects.

 Built the "Academician Expert Grass-roots Service Workstations", We will give full play to the advantages of our company, experts and related research teams, and integrate innovative resources, and further improve the scientific research ability and level of Jinan Liangong, so that our R & D capability will be on a new step; at the same time to promote the company's technological innovation and high-tech industrialization, enhance the company's independent innovation capability and product market competitiveness.