The correct operation method of this plate/wire repeated bending tester

The JWJ series material repeated bending tester is composed of a host and an electrical measurement and control system. It adopts a mechanical transmission, applies a test torque to repeatedly bend the sample, and uses a photoelectric switch to detect the number of bending tests. After the sample is broken, it will stop automatically, the pendulum rod will reset, the LCD meter will automatically display, and record the number of bending tests.

The correct operation method of this plate/wire repeated bending tester is as follows:
Wire bending part:
1. Preparation before use
   1.1 Before use, you should select the corresponding jaws and guide bushes according to the diameter of the sample and refer to the appendix "Specification Parameters Table", and adjust the distance (H height) between the two chucks in the upper and lower clamps.
   1.2 When working, there is a swing range of 180º, within this range, no intervention is allowed to avoid personal injury.
2. Operating procedures
   2.1 Connect the power cord;
   2.2 Adjust the speed as needed;
   2.3 If the upper clamp is not in the middle position, press the "reset" button to reset the upper clamp;
   2.4 Put the sample through the guide sleeve first, then put the sample into the middle of the chuck in the lower clamp body and lock it with the handwheel, press down the spring guide rod, and lock the sample in the reverse pull sleeve (Pay attention to the position of the reverse pull sleeve and the break switch).
   2.5 Press the "work" button, the test starts, the digital display meter records the number of bending;
   2.6 After the specimen is bent and fractured, the motor automatically stops, and the digital display keeps the number of fracture and bending;
   2.7 Record the number of times displayed in the digital display meter. According to the standard, the last bending times are not counted, and one is subtracted from the total number, which is the effective value of the sample's bending times;
   2.8 Take out the broken sample, press the "reset" button to reset the upper fixture, and then press the "reset" button to reset the digital display.
Sheet bending part:
   1. Replace the lower jaw and upper jaw of the corresponding specifications, and adjust the distance between the upper jaw and the lower jaw, 25-50mm;
   2. Install the sample holding device and adjust it, then start the test. For specific operations, refer to the repeated operation steps of the wire.